Turbo Pad for Bumpers

Like90 Turbo PadSingle-use, pre-saturated scuff pad for bumpers and other plastic parts. The Like90 Turbo Pad eliminates one of the biggest headaches in the shop: paint failures on new, unprimed plastic bumpers. The Turbo Pad is a custom scuff pad specifically designed for abrading plastic. It is pre-saturated with Like90’s patented plastic preparation gel for maximum efficiency and ease of use. The result: better paint adhesion.

• Cleans, degreases, and abrades. No one likes prepping bumpers. But now the Turbo Pad’s 3-in-1 action makes the process fast and efficient. The patented prep gel embedded in the pad eliminates contamination on the substrate, abrades comprehensively, and leaves the part ready for primer. And unlike other products, it leaves no residue, a major cause of paint failures.

• Single-use design: The Like90 Turbo Pad is designed to ensure a consistent process, taking the guesswork out of bumper prep. The single-use packaging allows it to be easily tracked and charged to the repair for reimbursement. Check with the covering insurance company for details.

• Zero VOC. The Like90 Turbo Pad has no volatile organic compounds and, by eliminating the degreasing step in the bumper prep, reduces the total VOC output in the shop.

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Directions for Use: Caution: To prevent possible skin irritation, wear protective latex gloves.

1. Blow excess dust and dirt from bumper/part.
2. Submerge a new, unused Like90 Turbo Pad in water for a few seconds.
3. Scuff the bumper or plastic part completely. Repeat a second time to ensure comprehensive abrasion. There is no need to bake an unprimed plastic part before scuffing with a Like90 Turbo Pad*.
4. Do not allow residue to dry on the plastic. Immediately scrub and rinse surface thoroughly with clean water. Make sure all residue is removed.
5. Inspect the part to ensure it is uniformly clean and abraded. If not, repeat above steps on any areas you have missed.
6. Continue with your normal paint process. There is no need to degrease the part*.
7. Discard the used Turbo Pad as it is designed to prep one bumper or part.

*The Like90 Turbo Pad eliminates the need to pre-bake and degrease unprimed plastic parts. However, if your paint system requires either or both of these steps to maintain your warranty, do them before using the Turbo Pad for best results.

Helpful Tip: First, mist the unprimed bumper or part with a contrasting guide coat. Then abrade it with a Turbo Pad until all the guide coat is removed.

Part number: 10023
Case quantity: 12 pads
Master carton quantity: 12 cases (144 pads)