Booth Coating

Makes Maintenance Fast and Easy to Keep Spray Booths in Top Condition

Like90 Booth Coating is a water-based, sprayable booth coating that protects booth walls, lights, and other surfaces against paint overspray with just one coat. It forms a clear, dry film that does not distort your booth’s lighting conditions, allowing your shop to deliver the best paint work possible.
One application of Booth Coating (about 2 to 2.5 gallons for a typical booth) protects for up to 150 bake cycles and washes off easily with water. When two coats are applied, large sections of the coating can be peeled off of glass and smooth walls and doors. It eliminates the need to repeatedly refinish booth walls and makes maintenance faster and less expensive. So your booth is always in top condition.


» Like90 Booth Coating™ Safety Data Sheet
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Features: Benefits
Non-tacky, clear dry film Preserves booth lighting conditions for uniform paintwork. Covers lights and other booth fixtures. Dry film won’t yellow with age.
Solvent resistant Prevents overspray build-up on booth surfaces, reducing maintenance costs and minimizing booth down-time.
Spray-on liquid Fast, easy application with conventional spray equipment already in use at the shop.
Thixotropic “one-coat” formula Clings to vertical surfaces and eliminates the requirement to apply multiple coats. Minimizes drips and runs making removal fast and easy.
Water-soluble Fast, easy wash removal with water, even after 150 bake cycles.
Removal by peeling With 2-coat application, large sections can be removed by peeling from glass and smooth, texture-free surfaces. (NOTE: May not be practical in all paint booths.)
Water-based, low VOC Non-hazardous, environmentally friendly formula that is safe to sewer after removal.