Glass Shield

Long-lasting, hand-washable coating with see-through finish

Like90 Glass Shield is a water-based, low-VOC coating that protects paint booth windows and lights from paint overspray. It is fast and easy to apply to all glass surfaces with conventional spray equipment. It washes off easily by hand or garden hose and therefore is the ideal complement to Like90 White Wash booth coating. The Glass Shield coating can be removed and replaced without affecting the White Wash coating on the walls and doors.

NOTE: The coating’s film may become somewhat tacky if the relative humidity in the booth is above 70% for an extended period of time. It may be wet-to-touch in extremely humid conditions (above 85 or 90%). Running a bake cycle or two will restore the film to a dry condition.

» Like90 Glass Shield™ Safety Data Sheet
» Like90 Glass Shield™ Technical Data Sheet

• P/N 10045 – Like90 Glass Shield 1-gallon bottle (Ships in cases of four gallons)
• P/N 10046 – Like90 Glass Shield 5-gallon pail

Features: Benefits
Protects glass surfaces Apply to booth lights and windows. Ideal complement to Like90 White Wash for booth walls. No need to mask any surfaces before applying Glass Shield.
Hand-washable Allows coating to be removed and replaced without having to wash booth walls, too. Fast, easy removal with water or glass cleaner, even after months of extended use.
Spray-on liquid Fast, easy application with conventional spray equipment already in use at the shop.
Water-based, low VOC  Non-hazardous, environmentally friendly formula that is safe for disposal to municipal water facilities. (But check local regulations to determine if specific requirements exist.)