Tacky Clear

Washable, long-lasting, tacky booth coating with clear finish

Like90 Tacky Clear Spray Booth CoatingLike90 Tacky Clear is a water-based, low-VOC booth coating that protects booth surfaces from paint overspray. In addition, it traps overspray and other contamination (e.g. insects) on booth walls, doors, windows and lights, keeping it out of your paint work. It is fast and easy to apply to all booth surfaces and washes off easily with water. Tacky Clear is ideal for new or recently repainted booths where the walls and doors are already white and provide good lighting conditions.

NOTE: The coating’s film absorbs moisture from the air and in extreme humidity, may transfer to the touch. In conditions where the relative humidity falls below 50% for an extended period of time, the coating may become less tacky. Tackiness can be restored by misting it lightly with water or by over-coating it with additional coating, as described below.

» Like90 TackyClear™ Safety Data Sheet
» Like90 TackyClear™ Technical Data Sheet

Features: Benefits
Clear finish Ideal for new or repainted booths that need reliable protection to stay looking new. Can also be applied to booth lights and windows. No need to mask any surfaces before applying.
Tacky coating Traps overspray, dirt and other contamination on booth surfaces, keeping it out of your paint work. Especially useful in areas with flying insects. Stays tacky longer.
Spray-on liquid Fast, easy application with conventional spray equipment already in use at the shop. Actual spray time for a typical booth is about 30 minutes.
Water-soluble Fast, easy wash removal with water, even after months of extended use.
Refreshable When coating begins to lose its tackiness, simply overcoat to refresh your booth. Coating should be removed completely and re-applied every 6 months.
Water-based, low VOC Non-hazardous, environmentally friendly formula that is safe for disposal to municipal water facilities. (But check local regulations to determine if specific requirements exist.)