Like90 White Out & Clear View

Like90 White Out restores your spray booth to a “like new” condition in as little as two hours. Unlike adhesive-backed films that are difficult and time-consuming to apply, this revolutionary water-based coating sprays on fast with no or minimal preparation prior to application. And unlike so-called “strippable” coatings, the superior film strength and durability of White Out makes removal by peeling fast and easy, even after 500 bake cycles. In addition, White Out can be recoated between maintenance cycles, so your booth’s lighting is always bright and your paintwork top-notch.

Use Like90 Clear View glass coating in conjunction with Like90 White Out to protect booth lights and windows. The water-based Clear View is applied with the same conventional equipment used to apply White Out and levels to a smooth transparent film that won’t distort the booth’s lighting or the clarity of its windows. As glass surfaces become clouded with overspray, simply peel and reapply Clear View.


» Like90 White Out™ Safety Data Sheet
» Like90 Clear View™ Safety Data Sheet
» More information and instructions for use

Features: Benefits
No or minimal prep prior to application Returns booth to a “like new” condition is less than two hours, minimizing booth down time. No need to repaint booth first.
“White Out” coverage Hides even extensive overspray on booth walls to restore bright lighting conditions for better paintwork. Won’t yellow with age.
Exceptional film strength and durability Peels off easily in large sheets even after 500 bake cycles or 6 months. In addition, White Out peels well across a wide range of temperatures.
Refresh between maintenance cycles Booth surfaces subjected to heavy overspray can be over-coated multiple times with White Out between maintenance cycles so that the booth is always in top condition.
Removal by peeling Ideal for paint booths where water-washable coatings are not an option (e.g. due to grated floors or local restrictions).
Clear View clarity Optimized glass coating won’t compromise booth lighting or visibility through windows. Lays down flat to form a transparent film.
Water-based, low VOC Both coatings are non-hazardous, environmentally-friendly formulas. VOC < 60 g/l.