Like90 Particle Control

The Fast, Easy Way to Reduce Polishing

Like90 Particle ControlAre you polishing away your profits? Here’s a simple, effective way to control the particles in your paint booth and reduce the time and money you spend polishing cars after paint.

Like90 Particle Control is a water-based floor coating that traps dust and dirt circulating in the paint booth, keeping it on the floor and out of your paintwork. Applied with a standard pump sprayer once or twice a day, Particle Control is one of the fastest, easiest ways to improve your paint quality and reduce the time it takes to deliver cars back to your customers. You no longer need to accept the notion that every car must be polished.

Particle Control works in two ways. First, when a dust particle lands on the floor, Particle Control neutralizes its electrical charge so that it stops repelling other particles. This allows them to clump together. Second, dust particles mechanically lock on to the active ingredients in Particle Control like flies sticking to fly paper. The combined processes transform dust and other particles into “heavy dirt” that is easy to sweep up with a broom without putting it back into circulation.

» Like90 Particle Control Safety Data Sheet
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Features: Benefits
Turns dust into “heavy dirt” Traps airborne dust on the floor resulting in cleaner paintwork. Makes it faster and easier to sweep booth out for the next job.
Long-lasting formula Need to apply just twice a day. Even once a day application makes a significant difference.
Water-based, low VOC Non-hazardous, environmentally friendly formula. Eliminates need to wash out booths with water. Helps prevent corrosion and minimizes unwanted humidity in the paint booth.
Breaks up existing overspray Helps restore floor and grates to original condition and prevents future buildup.
Ideal for shops with water-borne paint systems Controls contamination that results when air flow in the booth is increased to speed dry times.