Like90 Spray Mask

Like90 Spray MaskGot overspray? Most shops don’t want to admit it but it’s a real problem. You’ve just got to ask the right person.

Like90 Spray Mask is the fastest, easiest way to eliminate overspray damage. Applied with the Hoser HVLP, one person can mask a car in less than 3 minutes. Spray Mask then protects the vehicle throughout the entire repair process. It’s solvent-proof dry film not only protects against overspray, but also against light scratches, grinding slag and welding spatter. And unlike plastic sheeting, you don’t need to mask the vehicle multiple times while it’s in the shop.

In addition, vehicles protected with Spray Mask are much easier to move around the shop. Like90 Spray Mask is safe to use on all thoroughly cured painted surfaces and protects hard-to-mask areas like grills, wheels, and tires. It also protects areas currently not protected at all, like engine bays. Spray Mask washes off easily with water and is safe to sewer. It won’t fill up your dumpster and eliminates disposal costs.

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Features: Benefits
Dries to clear, non-tacky film Tightly seals vehicle against overspray damage providing protectionsuperior to plastic sheeting.

Traps dust and dirt on vehicle so that it does not become airborne during painting.
Unlike plastic sheeting, any dirt or dust that collects on the dry film can be easily wiped off with a tack rag.

Easier to move vehicle in shop than if covered by plastic sheeting.

Also protects against welding sparks (e.g. burn marks on glass), grinding slag, and polishing compound residue.

Spray-on liquid Fast, easy application by one person with conventional spray equipment.

Protects hard-to-mask areas such as grills, wheels, and tires, as well as
areas that plastic sheeting cannot protect at all, like engine bays.

Thixotropic formula Clings to vertical surfaces to reduce runs and drips during application
making removal much faster and easier.
Superior wet-out Forms a continuous, protective film over difficult-to-coat surfaces such
as fresh wax.
Water-soluble dry film Washes off easily with water.

No disposal costs or waste volume.

Effluent is biodegradable and does not consume landfill space like
plastic sheeting.

Water-based, low VOC Non-hazardous and environmentally friendly formula.

Cost Benefits of Using Like90 Spray Mask

The real cost of your current masking solution is not the price of the materials. It’s the time it takes to apply (and reapply!) them and then rework the vehicle to remove the overspray damage. Here’s how Like90 Spray Mask saves you time and money compared to plastic sheeting:

• One person can apply the material, not two.
• Total application time is less than 3 minutes.
• Generally, one application is all that’s needed for the entire repair cycle.
• No disposal costs or waste volume.
• The big savings: no rework for overspray damage.

The result is a faster, more profitable repair with better control over when the vehicle is returned to the customer.