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Like90 products are designed for body shops that want to do faster, more effective repairs to improve their profitability and customer satisfaction.

Clean Booth System
Like90 Clean Booth Products include peelable spray booth coatings, washable booth coatings, floor coatings and overspray protection mask.

Peelable Booth Coatings
Like90 Booth Coating is a water-based, sprayable booth coating that protects booth walls, lights, and other surfaces against paint overspray with just one coat.

White Out & Clear View
Like90 White Out restores your spray booth in as little as two hours. Water-based coating sprays on fast with minimal preparation prior to application.

Washable Booth coatings
Refresh and renew your automotive spray booth using Like90 washable spray booth coatings. Trap overspray and insects on booth walls for cleaner paint.

White Wash
Like90 White Wash is water-based, washable booth coating that restores your booth to like new condition in as little as two hours.

Glass Shield
Like90 Glass Shield is water-based, hand-washable glass coating that protects booth lights and windows from paint overspray buildup.

Booth Coating (Original clear, dry film)
Like90 Booth Coating: water-based, sprayable booth coating that protects booth walls, lights, and other surfaces against paint overspray with just one coat.

Floor Products
Use Particle Control Spray and Grippy Mat on paint booth floors to cut paint defects by 50% or more!

Like90 Particle Control
Like90 Particle Control is water-based floor coating that traps dust and dirt circulating in the paint booth, keeping it on the floor and out of your paintwork.

PIG Grippy for Like90 Particle Control
For paint booth floors – Cuts paint defects by 50% or more! Traps airborne dust, improves booth environment. Durable, padded mat with solvent-resistant backing

Pro Sprayer for Like90 Particle Control
Commercial-grade pump sprayer with Viton seals, 2-gallon capacity holds enough Like90 Particle Control for several applications.

Overspray Protection

Like90 Spray Mask
Like90 Spray Mask is the fastest, easiest way to eliminate overspray damage. Applied with the Hoser HVLP, one person can mask a car in less than 3 minutes.

Surface Products

Quick Check
Like90 Quick Check™ simulates the depth and clarity of fresh clear on base, eliminating the need to spray expensive clear coat on spray-out cards.

Panel Check
Like90 Panel Check™ reveals dents and defects in bodywork before the repair reaches the paint shop.

Rock Star Bug & Tar Remover
Like90 Rock Star Bug & Tar attacks the toughest biological residues and road grime so that sanding and prep tasks  can be done faster and more efficiently.

Turbo Pad for Bumpers
Single-use, pre-saturated scuff pad for bumpers and other plastic parts. The Like90 Turbo Pad eliminates paint failures on new, unprimed plastic bumpers.

Thin-Film CICs

Fast and easy Corrosion Inhibiting Compound kit of 4 VOC compliant spray cans for the auto body industry.

CIC Weld-Thru – 10011
Like90 Weld-Thru is a thin-film CIC for strong super-clean welds available in a VOC compliant aerosol can.

Dry-Film “Clear” for Welding Seams – 10012
Like90 CIC Dry Film – Super-penetrating corrosion inhibiting compound for weld seams and crevices.

Wet Film “Black” for Welding Seams – 10025<
Like90 Wet Black for welding seams: Self-healing CIC protects 4 times longer than cavity wax

Remover – 10014
CIC Remover removes excess CIC coatings and flushes CIC flex wands.

CIC Flex Wand
Custom-machined, 360-degree spray tip for use with Like90 Corrosion inhibiting compounds for the automotive industry.

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