Quick Check

Temporary Gloss Simulator for Color Matching

A faster, more convenient way to match color for a repair.Like90 Quick Check

Like90 QuickCheck™ simulates the depth and clarity of fresh clear on base, eliminating the need to spray expensive clear coat on spray-out cards*. Unlike clear coat, Quick Check:

  • Can be sprayed anywhere that is convenient or wherever the lighting is best for matching color.
  • Dissipates completely so that another color coat can be applied to the same spray-out card if the first try does not match.
  • Requires no clean-up and contains no isocyanates.

Unlike wax and grease remover, Quick Check:

  • Doesn’t smell
  • Sprays on the surface more evenly, better simulating the glossy finish of a clear coat.
  • Stays wet long enough to allow plenty of time to judge a color match, even in hot, dry weather.
  • Won’t distort metallic lays.
  • Dissipates completely without leaving any residue behind.

» Like90 QuickCheck™ Safety Data Sheet
» Like90 Quick Check™ Technical Datasheet

  • Directions for Use
    Color matching: Spray on base coat color paddle (spray-out card) to create a temporary glossy surface. Repeat this process until an optimum color match has been achieved. (To accelerate evaporation, use compressed air, hand-held dryer, or other air movement.) *NOTE: The UV blockers in a clear coat may slightly affect the cast of certain colors compared to what you see with Quick Check. Use the appropriate clear coat to confirm your final match.

Coverage: Approximately 150 spray-out cards or 15 to 20 panels (about 6 square feet each) per can.
Packaging: Part number 10030; 10 oz. aerosol; 12 aerosols per case
Regulatory: Contains no CFCs; VOC: Product category not regulated