CIC Weld-Thru Black 10011

Faster-drying formula with black e-coat look

  • Faster-drying formula: Like90 CIC Weld-Thru coating dries in less than five minutes and comes in black to simulate an e-coat finish.
  • Thin-film technology: At less than 0.5 mils (12 microns), the CIC Weld-Thru’s dry coating presents a minimal barrier to the welding machine, resulting in stronger, cleaner welds. Traditional weld-thru coatings are over 5 times as thick and prevent the welding machine from heating the metal to its optimum temperature, as evidenced by lots of smoke and spatter during welding. Independent pull tests confirm that welds are stronger when thin-film technology is used.
  • Non-conductive: Like90 CIC Weld-Thru contains no metals and is non-conductive. Therefore, it will not promote galvanic corrosion between dissimilar metals. Traditional weld-thru coatings require zinc or copper to enable welding through their thick coats. The metal is also meant to be sacrificial; however, the burn-back area around a weld joint exposes bare steel, which inevitably corrodes along with the coating.
  • Over twice the coverage: Like90 CIC Weld-Thru provides more than twice the coverage of other leading weld-thru coatings.
  • A comprehensive approach to corrosion protection: Like90 CIC Weld-Thru is used in conjunction with Like90 CIC Dry Film (for weld joints and seams) and Like90 CIC Wet Black (for enclosed cavities) to provide complete protection.

»Like90 CIC Weld-Thru Technical Data Sheet
»Like90 CIC Weld-Thru Safety Data Sheet