10031 Like90 Clean Booth Kit

If you've got some down-time, Like90's Clean Booth Kit includes 4 gallons of White Out and 1 quart of Clear View, just the right amount to help return a typical automotive paint booth to its original glory. If you have a new booth, you can make sure it stays that way.

The result is better lighting, cleaner paint, less rework, and faster throughput. Which all adds up to a more profitable shop. See below for all the details.

White Out

Like90 White Out 1-gallon bottle

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Now your booth can look like new in as little as two hours. Unlike adhesive-backed films, White Out goes on fast with minimal preparation prior to application. And unlike other so-called “strippable” coatings, the superior film strength and durability of White Out makes removal by peeling fast and easy, even after hundreds of bake cycles. In addition, White Out can be recoated between maintenance cycles, so your booth’s lighting is always bright and your paintwork top-notch.

Part numbers:
10031 (Clean Booth Kit: 4 gallons + 1 quart Clear View)
10032 (1-gallon)
10033 (5-gallon)

Clear View

Like90 Clear View 1-gallon bottle

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Clear View is the ideal complement to White Out. Just one quart protects a typical booth's lights and windows. It is applied with the same conventional equipment used to apply White Out and a single coat levels to a smooth transparent film that won’t distort the booth’s lighting or the clarity of its windows. As glass surfaces become clouded with overspray, simply peel and reapply Clear View.

Part number:  
10034 (1-gallon)
10037 (1-quart - not sold separately, included in 10031)

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