Make your booth great again!

Like90's patented Clean Booth System turns your paint booth back into a profit-generating asset, instead of an expensive liability. Your booth can be like new in just a matter of hours. If you have a new booth, you can make sure it stays that way.

The result is better lighting, cleaner paint, less rework, and faster throughput. Which all adds up to a more profitable shop. Check out the products below to see how Like90 can make your booth great again.

Booth Coatings

Like90 White Out 1-gallon bottle

White Out Peelable Coating - (video)

Now your booth can look like new in as little as two hours. Unlike adhesive-backed films, White Out goes on fast with minimal preparation prior to application. And unlike other so-called “strippable” coatings, the superior film strength and durability of White Out makes removal by peeling fast and easy, even after hundreds of bake cycles. In addition, White Out can be recoated between maintenance cycles, so your booth’s lighting is always bright and your paintwork top-notch.

Part numbers:
10031 (4 gallons + 1 quart Clear View)
10032 (1-gallon)
10033 (5-gallon)

Like90 White Wash 1-gallon bottle

White Wash Washable Coating

White Wash offers the same benefits as White Out but in a washable formula that is less expensive. It releases easily even after months of use and, unlike other washable coatings, can be recoated up to four times to keep your booth looking like new. Effluent is safe to sewer (check local regulations).

Part numbers:  
10051 (1-gallon)
10052 (5-gallon)


Like90 Booth Coating 1-gallon bottle

Booth Coating - Clear Washable (video)

The original Like90 Booth Coating is a great choice for new booths or booths that have been recently refinished. It is safe to apply on all booth surfaces, including lights and windows, and therefore is extremely fast to apply. Remove and replace every 150 bake cycles or 3 months. Effluent is safe to sewer (check local regulations) and ultimately biodegradable.

Part numbers:  
10018 (1-gallon)
10019 (5-gallon)

Floor Products

150-foot Roll of Green Grippy Mat

Like90 Paint Booth Mat (video)

anchored by New PIG Grippy® Technology

Now there's an easy way to reduce paint defects by 50% or more. Stop polishing away your profits and install the Like90 Paint Booth Mat in less than 30 minutes. Little or no floor prep is necessary and no special, expensive tools are required. The unique non-woven material is extremely durable and traps dust and dirt when misted daily with Particle Control spray. Vacuum daily to remove contamination from the booth. In addition, the mat's padding reduces noise and makes standing and kneeling much more comfortable. And no more scraping inches of overspray buildup off your booth floor.

Part number:  
10050 (32" x 150')


Like90 Particle Control 1-gallon bottle

Particle Control Floor Coating (video)

Particle Control traps dust and dirt on the floor, preventing defects in your fresh paintwork. Just one application in the morning stays active throughout the day. Use in conjunction with PIG Grippy booth mat or directly on concrete floors. Vacuum (booth mat) or sweep (concrete floor) at the end of the day to remove contamination from the booth. Just 5 gallons per month reduces polishing significantly, increasing your profitability and reducing your cycle time. Apply with a standard pump sprayer.

Part numbers:  
10008 (1-gallon)
10009 (5-gallon)

Glass Coatings

Like90 Clear View 1-gallon bottle

Clear View Peelable Coating - (video)

Clear View is the ideal complement to White Out. Just one quart protects a typical booth's lights and windows. It is applied with the same conventional equipment used to apply White Out and a single coat levels to a smooth transparent film that won’t distort the booth’s lighting or the clarity of its windows. As glass surfaces become clouded with overspray, simply peel and reapply Clear View.

Part number:  
10034 (1-gallon)

Like90 Glass Shield 1-gallon bottle

Glass Shield Washable Coating

Glass Shield protects paint booth windows and lights from paint overspray. It is fast and easy to apply to all glass surfaces with conventional spray equipment. It washes off easily with water, either by hand or with a hose and therefore is the ideal complement to White Wash booth coating. The Glass Shield coating can be removed and replaced without affecting the White Wash coating on the walls and doors. Effluent is safe to sewer (check local regulations).

Part numbers:  
10045 (1-gallon)
10046 (5-gallon)

Like90 See Thru 16 oz. aerosol

See Thru Hand-washable Coating

See Thru is an amazingly clear coating that protects a booth's lights and windows from overspray. Packaged in a 16 oz. aerosol and easily removed by hand washing with water or glass cleaner, it is the ideal way to protect glass in between complete booth maintenance cycles.  Just remove the coating on the glass, dry, and apply See Thru. No need to dirty a spray gun for a few minutes of work. Keep your windows clear and your lighting pure.

Part number:  
10020 (16 oz. aerosol)

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