Surface Products

Like90's surface products prepare, protect, and enhance vehicle surfaces during the collision repair process.

Like90 has created a number of innovative surface products to help your shop deliver the best possible finish to your customers while at the same time reducing cycle time and increasing profitability.

These products prepare, protect, and enhance the surface of the vehicle throughout the repair cycle so that you can get the job done right the first time. Nothing kills profits faster than rework. Check out the offerings below.

Temporary Gloss

Like90 Quick Check 10 oz. aerosol can makes color matching fast and easy.

Quick Check for Color Matching (video)

Quick Check provides a faster, more convenient way to match color for a repair. It simulates the depth and clarity of fresh clear on base, eliminating the need to spray expensive clear coat on spray-out cards.

Unlike clear coat, Quick Check can be sprayed anywhere that is convenient or wherever the lighting is best for color matching. Unlike wax and grease remover, it sprays on evenly, providing a better clear coat simulation, and dwells long enough to allow plenty of time to judge color, even in hot dry weather.

Quick Check doesn't smell and dissipates completely without leaving any residue so that another color coat can be applied to the same spray-out card if the first try didn't match. It requires no clean up and contains no isocyanates.

Part number:  
10030 (10 oz. aerosol)

Like90 Panel Check 10 oz. aerosol can allows shops to identify defects before they reach the paint shop.

Panel Check for Defect Identification (video)

Panel Check makes it easy for repair technicians to identify dents and defects in vehicle panels in the body shop, before the repair reaches the paint shop. Imperfections that are not identified until after the vehicle has left the paint booth are much more expensive to correct and cause substantial delays delivering a refinished car back to the customer.

Panel Check temporarily simulates the glossy finish of a clear coat making dents, defects, and wavy bodywork much easier to see. It dwells long enough to evaluate a repaired panel from several angles, even in hot weather. Yet it dissipates completely without leaving any residue. Panel Check is safe to use on all vehicle surfaces, including cured putties and fillers. It doesn’t smell and requires no clean-up.

Part number:  
10061 (10 oz. aerosol)

Overspray Protection

Like90 Spray Mask provides superior overspray protection as long as the vehicle is in the shop.

Spray Mask Washable Coating (video)

Spray Mask is a better way to protect vehicles during the refinish process. It can be applied in less than 5 minutes with conventional spray equipment and tightly seals the surface against overspray damage. In addition, any dust or dirt on the vehicle is trapped under the coating so that it does not become airborne during painting. Unlike plastic sheeting, vehicles protected with Spray Mask are easy to move throughout the shop. And if applied before primer, it eliminates the need to mask the car multiple times.

Spray Mask is safe for bake booths. After painting, it protects in the detail shop against polishing compound residue and other contamination. It washes off easily with water, is safe to sewer (check local regulations), and is biodegradable.

Part numbers:
10003 (1-gallon)
10004 (5-gallon)
10005 (15-gallon)

Like90 Curtain Guard 1-gallon bottle

Curtain Guard Washable Coating

Curtain Guard protects your shop’s valuable curtains from overspray and other contamination. It is fast and easy to apply with conventional spray equipment and dries to a transparent, non-tacky film.

Curtain Guard is specially formulated for curtains, maintaining its flexibility so that it does not flake off or stick to itself when curtains are collapsed and expanded. It protects for several months and washes off easily with water.  The effluent is biodegradable and safe to sewer (check local regulations).

Part numbers:  
10053 (1-gallon)
10054 (5-gallon)

Surface Prep

Like90 TurboPad for Bumpers prepares plastic bumpers for paint, improving adhesion signficantly.

Turbo Pad for Bumpers (video)

The Turbo Pad  is a single-use, pre-saturated scuff pad for automotive bumpers and other plastic parts. It eliminates one of the biggest headaches in the shop: paint failures on new, unprimed plastic bumpers.

The Turbo Pad's unique and flexible non-woven material is specifically designed for abrading plastic. It is pre-saturated with Like90’s patented plastic preparation gel for maximum efficiency and ease of use, cleaning abrading, and degreasing in a single operation. The result: superior paint adhesion.

All with zero VOC and packaging that allows it to be charged to specific jobs.

Part number:  

Like90 Rock Star Bug & Tar Remover 10 oz. aerosol

Rock Star Bug & Tar Remover

Rock Star Bug & Tar attacks the toughest biological residues and road grime stuck on painted surfaces. It is an ideal first prep for body shops, removing sticky insect carcasses, tree sap, tar, asphalt, and roadway paint markings so that sanding and other surface preparation tasks on the damaged panels can be done faster and more efficiently. Of course, Rock Star Bug & Tar also removes these same contaminates from the undamaged surfaces of the vehicle so that it can be delivered back to the owner in the best possible condition.

Packaged in a convenient aerosol can, Rock Star Bug & Tar is fast drying and leaves no residue. It is safe to use on all thoroughly cured painted surfaces. Caution: Do not allow the material to dwell for extended periods of time on unpainted plastic and rubber. Test first on fresh paint and other substrates.

Rock Star Bug & Tar is compliant with the California Air Resource Board (CARB) VOC limits for bug and tar removers as specified in the Consumer Products Regulation (not to exceed 40% by weight, excluding exempt solvents). It is also compliant in many of the individual California air pollution control districts. Note that in some districts, other limits apply, in addition to the CARB limit.

Part number:  
10040 (10 oz. aerosol)

Like90 Shoppie Brushes come in three sizes

Shoppie Brushes

Shoppies are unique and useful brushes for bodyshops. They are unlike any other brushes on the market. The handles are all-plastic and there are no metal bales to scratch paintwork or damage molding. The high-quality, stiff bristles last longer and won’t shed, making for clean lines when spreading seam sealer. Multiple sizes expand the number of potential applications.

For example, the White Shoppie is the just the right width for spreading seam sealer when repairing European cars. There are dozens of uses: removing polishing compound from crevices; cleaning in and around jams and trunk seals; spreading paint stripper, and more. We’re sure you’ll find uses we haven’t even thought of!

Part numbers:  
10056 (3-brush starter pack)
10057 (25 x 1-inch black Shoppie)
10058 (25 x 1.5-inch white Shoppie)
10059 (25 x 2-inch red Shoppie)

Paint Gun Cleaner

Like90 Show Gun aerosol can

Show Gun  (video)

Show Gun keeps your spray gun working and looking like new. The 2-way spray nozzle makes it easy to clean every part of your gun. Flip up the extension tube to clean the gun’s cup adapter, fluid tip, air cap and internal passages. Flip the extension tube down and use the fan spray to clean the outside of the gun. Show Gun's super-high pressure cleans fast and maintains that forceful pressure until empty. No more having to figure out how to dispose of half-empty cans that don't spray any more.

Show Gun has ultra-low VOC, less than 25 g/L, and is compliant with the strictest limits for this category of product.

Part numbers:
10063 (11.5 oz. aerosol)

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